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Not Only in My Dream!
By Angel Casillan

As I threw myself into the thick of the night
To fathom its dark recesses with just a beam of light,
It was fortunate that there was a little twinkling star
Whose rays gave light to the byways to where you are.

Because in my mind I knew from the very start
That your silhouette fit the contours of my heart.
So when l gazed upon your beautiful and gentle face,
I knew then that I found in you my long, lost wish.

It started when I first saw you in that crowded hall
Where your loveliness bounced against the mirrored walls,
And when the radiance of your eyes penetrated my soul,
It melted my yesterdays’ pasts, leaving me with nothing at all.

So happily as I was holding you in a tight embrace,
Beams of bright light showered my happy, smiling face.
But as I held you tight and tighter while I kept on dreaming,
I was overjoyed to wake up and find you beside me this morning.


I have been thinking why women enjoy poetry more than men enjoy it. I know that when I write poetry, my feelings are more intense than when I write prose. Does it mean then that women are more intense in matters of love?

What is romantic love? Science could not explain it but people know when they are in love. Sometimes, it is just the smile or the eyes that would trigger the feelings of being in love. It is indeed a mystery in life and I think it’s best to leave it that way.

A lot of times, love could easily start with a smile, then could grow with a kiss but could end up with laughter or with tears.

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